Dear friends,

You’re invited between 6 and 8 december 2019 to participate , at the 15th edition of the Union Cup – International Open Pairs Contest and to the second edition of the 1922 Cup.

Registration limit

Friday 6 december at 11:59


The contest will be held between December 6 and 8 at Vila Elisabeta, Aleea Vilelor, 4, Alba Iulia


Vila Elisabeta

Aleea Vilelor, 4, Alba Iulia, Alba County, România

Transilvannya Inn

Aleea Vilelor, 4, Alba Iulia, Alba County, România

Hotel Tara

Street Alexandru Ioan Cuza, 25, Alba Iulia, Alba County, România

Route to the contest location

Vila Steaua Nordului

Bvd. Repubilicii nr. 5A, Alba Iulia, Alba County, România

Phone: +40754 604 900 / +40744 789 465

Route to the contest location

Reservations are made directly by phone (0729.881.395 – Vila Elisabeta reception – for all of the above locations, except Vila Steaua Nordului), mentioning “for the bridge contest”. Prices include breakfast. Prices do not include the city fees listed below.

According to the Local Council Decision no. 436 of 20.12.2018, Article 32, paragraph 14, starting with 01.01. 2018, tourist promotion fee of 4.7 lei/person/night (~1,06 €) will be applied in Alba Iulia. This fee is added to the accommodation rate for all persons over the age of 12 plus the rescue tax of 1 leu/person/night (~0,23 €) for all persons except pensioners who present the coupon at the unit’s reception.


Union Cup

First day - Saturday 07.12.2019

Second day - Sunday 08.12.2019

Way of conducting

Cupa 1922

Friday 06.12.2019

Fees and prizes


Union Cup

1922 Cup


Union Cup - total prizes 22500 lei (~4880€)

1st place – 5000 lei (~1080€)

2nd place – 2500 lei (~540€)

3rd place – 1500 lei (~320€)

4th place – 1100 lei (~240€)

5th place – 900 lei (~190€)

6th place – 700 lei (~150€)

7th place – 500 lei (~110€)

8th place – 400 lei (~90€)

1st place – 1200 lei (~260€)

2nd place – 900 lei (~190€)

3rd place – 700 lei (~150€)

4th place – 500 lei (~110€)

5th place – 400 lei (~90€)

1st – 1000 lei (~220€)

2nd – 700 lei (~150€)

3rd – 500 lei (~110€)

4th place – 400 lei (~90€)

1st place – 800 lei (~170€)

2nd place – 600 lei (~130€)

3rd place – 400 lei (~90€)

1st place – 600 lei (~130€)

2nd place – 400 lei (~90€)

1st romanian juniors – 400 lei (~90€)

1st from Alba Iulia – 400 lei (~90€)

1922 Cup


The schedule of International open bridge pairs Union Cup is:
from 10:00 – 1st round
– lunch break
from 16:00 – 2nd round
– dinner
from 10:00 – 3rd round
from 13:30 – award ceremony

Tables positions for the first session will be based on points from National Trophy. Tables positions for the first session will be displayed with 10 minutes before start of first round.

Tables positions for the second session will be on the sides so that each pair plays with as many different pairs or based on 1st round ranking.

Tables positions for the third session will be based on ranking after two rounds. Pairs will be split in divisions by ranking after two rounds.

In the qualifications, the Howell circulation will most likely be used and will be played 22-26 pre-dealt boards/round. Pairs run as indicated on each table. Boards are decreasing one table at each change.
In 3rd round pairs will be splitted in divisions:

  • A Division: leadin first 14 pairs after 2 rounds
  • B Division : 11 – 13 tables, with next pairs in order
  • C Division : 11 – 13 tables, with next pairs in order
  • D Division : 11 – 13 tables, with next pairs in order
  • E Division: remaining pairs.To complete it, it is possible to reduce the number of tables from divisions B, C and D.

Final ranking in all divisions are calculated by folowing formula [1.1x(R1+R2)/2 + R3]/2. It’s possible to accept unqualified pairs in last division. This pairs will start 3rd round with lowest average of first two rounds. Qualified pairs cannot change divisions.

In case of a tie, the following criteria will be used:

  1. best average of a round;
  2. result beetween pairs

Convention sheets with all section completed, are mandatory. Absence of convention sheet are penalyzed automatically with 1% by referee.

Arbitration of disputable situations will be at the disadvantage of the pairs with the incomplete convention card.

For delays longer than 5 minutes, result of missing pair will be 40% by unplayed board. Result of opponent pair will be 60%. Contest director will decide playing a board delayed

Delays greater than 30 minutes from the start of the session will result in the exclusion of pair from contest.

Pairs of 3 players are allowed. Pair replacements can only be performed during the break between rounds.

Smoking is prohibited in the playing room. Players must be present at the game table during playing, penalties for breaching this provision being 0.5% after the warning.

Players under the influence of alcoholic beverages may not play at the table. No unsportsmanlike, injurious or violent manifestations will be tolerated against partners, opponents or officials, leading to aggravating circumstances in the granting of sanctions by the contest director.

The contest fee is 150 Lei/player + 10 Lei/player – F.R. Bridge tax for junior support . The contest fee for juniors is 0 Lei.

Prizes do not cumulate and are taxable. The prize’s tax will be paid by the organizers.

These provisions are supplemented by those of F.R.B.

Appeal fee to arbitration decisions: 50 Lei.


Registration form


Looking for a partner?

If you look for a partner for our tournament please check the list of available player and contact one of them.

If not find a suitable one please fill this form to put up on the list your contact data.


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